Hearing aids: types of hearing devices

Veranneman has different types of hearing aids, namely:

Behind-the-ear hearing devices

These consist of a housing that contains the electronics, a earhook and a little hose that is connected with the ear piece, which is custom-made. We have very powerful hearing aids for people with severe loss of hearing, but also models with a built-in direction-sensitive microphone. These hearing aids are ideal for speech in an environment with background noise.

In-the-ear hearing devices

An in-ear device is an unobtrusive custom-made hearing aid that is placed in the ear. To tolerate these hearing aids your ear must have a certain size and shape.

Completely-in-the-canal hearing aids

The Completely-in-the-canal hearing aids is the smallest type of hearing device. It is almost invisible because it is placed so deep inside the ear.

Finally, there is the open fit

These are small behind-the-ear hearing devices, with a maximum of ventilation of the ear canal. The sound is passed through fine tubes. The advantage of this hearing is the maximum of comfort: no chewing sounds, no ‘stop’ and a more natural voice.

In short, to learn more about our hearing aids, please contact Veranneman! We will help you find the hearing aid that will suit your needs and wishes. A hearing test is included!

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