Hearing aids: types of hearing devices

Veranneman has different types of hearing aids, namely:

Behind-the-ear hearing devices

These consist of a housing that contains the electronics, a earhook and a little hose that is connected with the ear piece, which is custom-made. We have very powerful hearing aids for people with severe loss of hearing, but also models with a built-in direction-sensitive microphone. These hearing aids are ideal for speech in an environment with background noise.

In-the-ear hearing devices

An in-ear device is an unobtrusive custom-made hearing aid that is placed in the ear. To tolerate these hearing aids your ear must have a certain size and shape.

Completely-in-the-canal hearing aids

The Completely-in-the-canal hearing aids is the smallest type of hearing device. It is almost invisible because it is placed so deep inside the ear.

Finally, there is the open fit

These are small behind-the-ear hearing devices, with a maximum of ventilation of the ear canal. The sound is passed through fine tubes. The advantage of this hearing is the maximum of comfort: no chewing sounds, no ‘stop’ and a more natural voice.

In short, to learn more about our hearing aids, please contact Veranneman! We will help you find the hearing aid that will suit your needs and wishes. A hearing test is included!

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We provide research, advice and guidance for people with or without hearing problems. Early detection is important for proper treatment of hearing loss.

In every Veranneman hearing center there is always an audiologist present for an informative conversation and a no-obligation hearing test. We can give you personal advice based on the test results obtained.



If you already have a hearing loss and want a solution for it, then you have come to the right place. With a prescription from the nose, throat and ear doctor, a non-binding trial with hearing aids can be started.

We will look together at what suits you best. We have a wide range of hearing aids, so that everyone can be helped in an appropriate way according to their personal needs, hearing loss and financial possibilities.

You have a 5-year warranty when purchasing hearing aids. During this warranty period you can always contact us for free maintenance and adjustment of your devices.


You can also contact us for all kinds of aids for people with hearing impairment or deafness.

These make hearing with or without hearing aids easier.

Flash and vibrating alarms, telephone and mobile phone for the hearing impaired with extra amplification, systems to make it easier to listen to the radio and television and communication warning systems are just a few of the whole range of aids we offer.


We have a solution for people who want to protect their hearing and thus reduce the risk of hearing loss and ringing in the ears (tinnitus).

Hearing Center Veranneman offers standard hearing protection if you are exposed to noise once or infrequently. There are specific earplugs on the market for different target groups (visitors to concerts, parties and cafés, motorcyclists, do-it-yourselfers, partners of snorers, hunters, members of a shooting club, etc.).

You can also contact us for tailor-made hearing protection. The filter of the hearing protector can be more precisely tuned to the noise conditions in which you will be using the hearing protector. These perfectly fitting earplugs provide a high level of protection security. Moreover, communication remains possible. The custom-made hearing protectors are tested by us for their leak tightness, which guarantees efficiency.

We distribute in-ear monitors for professional musicians. There is an extensive choice of standard or custom-made hearing protection, swimming caps and sleeping caps.

Types of hearing aids & hearing devices


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